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I was a first-time buyer and submitted offer after offer without any success. Then I tried Real Estate Broker Services and got my offer accepted on the first try. The transaction was smooth even though it was my first real estate transaction. Their team held my hand and supported me through the entire process. Thanks for my Dream House.
Michael (Oceanside)

My house was on the market for $550,000 with another broker for 6 months. No offers. After listing with REeBroker, I got 8 offers in 2 weeks. They handled all negotiations and at the end I sold my house for $620,000! Amazing result!
Maria (San Marcos)

I found a house that I love and asked REeBroker to submit an offer for $580,000 (asking price was $600K). They investigated the seller's situation and suggested to lower the offer to $525,000. Somehow they managed to get it accepted! Wow! $75K below asking price! Their whole team, especially the negotiators, are rock! I will use them again.
Carlos (Del Mar)

Benefits for Buyer

Trained negotiators with the experience and technique to execute unique offers that will get the best deal accepted!

Benefits for Seller

Our negotiators will create a buying frenzy where buyers compete and you will get the best price for your house!

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