Here at REeBroker Group we understand the frustration of selling a home in the current real estate market. It is important to choose an agent who specializes in your area and stays current on real estate trends. Not only does your agent need to be educated in the market but he or she needs to be best suited to meet your specific needs. Our company has over 3000 agents speaking 26 different languages who are ready to serve you.

REeBroker Group ensures that the right buyer for your property can easily find your listing. We are an Internet based company so we are always up to date on the latest online marketing tools for your home. Today 90% of buyers begin their home search on the Internet. Your listing will be featured on MLS, REALTOR's® webpage, our website, as well as, an additional 35+ local and national sites.

So, what are The Benefits of Choosing a REeBroker Group Agent to List Your Home?
  • There are no upfront fees to list your home with REeBroker Group. We will only receive compensation when your home has been sold. So, your success is our success!
  • Your property will be visible on more than 35 of the most popular real estate websites.
  • REeBroker Group is a High Technology orientated company and this allows us to sell an average of 9 HOUSES EVERY DAY!
  • We provide our clients with current and extensive market data to arrive at the most beneficial pricing strategy.
  • At REeBroker Group you get 100% commitment from your agent, as well as, the broker’s team supporting them 24/7. Our agents and our office staff are always accessible to assist you.
  • Our agents have special sale tools and promotion options for seller and buyer.
  • Our team will always represent your best interest in all negotiations, putting your needs first.
  • Allowing REeBroker Group to list your home helps to alleviate the stress of selling a home by allowing us to handle all the paperwork, negotiations and to market and promote your home.

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