REeBroker Group Fee Schedule

REeBroker Group offers competitive rates and high quality support and services to our agents. The company has a strong reputation, with a 4.9 rating on Google, Yelp and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). REeBroker Group has a large network of almost 2000 agents located throughout California.

NO Start-Up, NO Monthly, NO Recurring Fees

Flat Broker Fee Plan:  The Broker standard fee per closed real estate transaction is $500 + $135.00 for Risk Management per million dollars of final sales price.

Capped Broker Fee Plan: The Broker standard fee per closed real estate transaction is 8% of commission plus $135.00 for Risk Management. Broker Fee for Standard and Non-Standard falls under the 15K cap for the calendar year. Pay only Risk Management after the Cap at the close of escrow.

See details below or use our calculator to estimate your REeBroker Group fees.


($500 FEE)
(92% to you)
Regular Transaction: Percentage (% Amount is based Off Total Commission)
Standard Transaction Fee1, 2 $500 8% ($0 after $15k cap is met)
Risk Management Fee6 $135 $135
Rental Fee3,6 10% 10%
Referral Fee4,6 10% (In House FREE) 10% (In House FREE)
Loan Origination8, 6 10% 10%
High Risk Transactions
Agent Owned Property Sale5 25% 25%
Dual Agency Transactions5 25% 25%
Risk Management (per side)6 $135 $135
Optional Services (Add-On Fees)
Broker Provided Lead 30% 30%
Mentorship Program 20% 20%
Transaction Coordinator $299; dual $499 $299; dual $499
Broker Price Opinion (BPO)7 $25 $25
Other Services & Fees
Technology Fees None None
Annual Fees None None
Monthly Fees None None
Inactive/Hang-License/LFRO Fees None None
Franchise Fees None None
Minimum Sales Qotas None None
Transaction Limit None None
Phone Assistance
Video Conference
Commission Paid From Escrow
Agent Website
Transaction Management
Online Training
Digital Marketing Package
Marketing Customization
MLS IDX integration
CRM Integration Available Available
Email Campaigns Available Available
  1. If the commission is waived by the agent, we request that the minimum commission is the broker fees plus $1,000. The minimum commission amount may be used to cover Broker fees and expenses in the event the transaction is abandoned or the Broker must complete it. Broker fees are based on a minimum agency commission of 2.5% per side.
  2. A standard transaction is when an agent represents a buyer or a seller who is not a direct relative. An additional $50 per $100,000 price increment over $1 Million will be added to the broker fee.
  3. $50 minimum (whichever is higher). Fees also apply to transactions for relatives/friends and when the commission is waived. If the commission is waived by the agent, the fee is calculated as 10% of one month's rent.
  4. In-House applies to referring client(s) to another Associate-Licensee within the REeBroker Group. Outside Broker/Agent (not within the REeBroker Group) includes out-of-state transactions. Minimum broker fee is $75.00
  5. Agent-owned property sales and dual transactions are carefully scrutinized in order to protect the interests of the clients, agents, and the brokerage. Approximately 80% of legal issues in the real estate industry are believed to be related to these types of transactions. If high risk fees are lower than standard fees; then standard fees will apply.
    • Listing Associate-Licensee Owned Property (AOP) or Direct Relative Owned Property (DROP) applies when title is held by: agent, their company, trust name = AOP or family member = DROP.
    • Dual agency is when both the buyer and seller are represented by the same agent or two REeBroker Group agents.
    • If Dual Agency and Listing Associate-Licensee Owned Property (AOP) or Direct Relative Owned Property (DROP) apply in the same transaction then the brokerage fee will be 30% of the total commission.
  6. An additional $13.50 per $100,000 price increment over $1 Million of the Final Sales Price will be added. This fee is not charged on Referral, Rental, or Loans transactions.
  7. Payment processing fee is charged per check issued by the REeBroker Group.
  8. Minimum broker fee is $1,000 or 0.10% of Loan Amount (whichever is greater). Lender Paid Compensation is currently set at 2% of the loan amount with most lenders but may vary on lender and/or individual loan. Broker Fees are the same for Lender and Borrower Paid Compensation. Note: Credits may be given with borrower paid compensation only.
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