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Established in 2005 REeBroker Group is California's first independent, online brokerage with over 2000+ agents. We offer excellent benefits, educational assistance, creative training programs, competitive compensation, and a first-class environment that recognizes and rewards initiative. We are nothing less than a phenomenon in the real estate industry with many new agents joining each month. Discover why! 

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REeBroker - Work From Home

Save money on transportation, food, clothing, and other expenses associated with commuting to an office. Spend more time with your family, and have more control over your day. Wherever you are, You can have a successful real estate career working from anywhere! We provide 24/7 broker support to our agents.

If you are looking for a career with unlimited earning potential and all the benefits of working from anywhere, REeBroker Group is a great choice!

Agent Financial Benefits

$500 Flat Broker Fee
100% Commission
No Start-Up Fees
No Monthly Fees
No Hidden Charges

Avoid the hefty fees! REeBroker Group provides one of the most aggressive revenue generation models in the industry.

Agents at REeBroker Group can also take advantage of the benefits of our Referral Program. When an agent refers a client to a real estate agent outside of the REeBroker Group there is only a 10% fee. However, when an agent refers a client to another real estate agent within the REeBroker Group there will be NO BROKER FEE. As our agent, you will get the entire referral fee.

Whether you're a newly licensed agent or just want to switch to another brokerage. Here at REeBroker Group, you can save time & money on your next real estate deal!

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REeBroker - Fee Calculator

Use the Commission Calculator to gain a better understanding of how much more money you will have by joining REeBroker Group. Invest more into your business and watch it grow or put more money away for retirement or your children's education. The sky's the limit!

REeBroker - Training Training and Education

One huge distinctive with REeBroker Group’s focus on professional development is that we work on helping our agents to think and work like successful independent business people.

We provide training videos and step-by-step guides to navigate through the real estate industry. REeBroker Group's coaching and mentorship programs as well as our 24/7 broker support allows independence with the necessary broker oversight and support.

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REeBroker - Marketing Marketing

REeBroker Group allows their agents to plus their marketing, technology setup, and more by leaning on REeBroker Group team of professionals. The result? Less time stressing about how to maintain key business functions and more time developing long-lasting relationships with clients – the activity that matters most.

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REeBroker - Earn Residue Income Earn Residual Income

Find a friend. Refer them to REeBroker Group and then watch your passive income pour in! 

REeBroker Group pays you $100 every time one of your invited agents closes a qualified transaction.

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REeBroker - Mortgage Loan Origination Mortgage Loan Origination


Quick and Easy Application Process for a Smooth, Hassle-Free Transaction. With Borrower-Paid Compensation, Your Clients Can Save Money!

See How You Can Join Our Team as a Mortgage Loan Originator

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Our cloud-based solution simplifies and streamlines transaction management, commission calculations, closing procedures, brokerage reporting, and many other processes that'll ensure you remain in DRE and broker compliance. REeBroker Group offers a centralized system through which transaction data and documentation, client and asset data, and administrative duties are streamlined or automated. These products allow agents to seamlessly merge and format documents and contracts with electronic signatures software, while also being easily integrated with an in-solution CRM software system. In addition, we have real estate management products that are operational to manage sales activity and commissions while facilitating the accumulation of real estate activities information into a singular information database.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is The Total Charge Per Closed Transaction? +

You will only pay $500 in broker fees and the remainder of the commission is yours! We charge a small risk management fee of $135.00 (per million per agency). Over a million property transactions, Dual and AOP transactions have a different fee structure. You can find details on the Fee Schedule.

How Soon Do I Get Paid After An Escrow Has Been Closed? +

With an accepted file and broker permission, you may be paid directly, as soon as escrow is closed.

Can I Negotiate My Commissions With Clients? +

Yes! You are free to set your own sales commissions, as long as the minimum broker fee for the transaction is met. The Broker fee will be calculated based on a 2.5% agent commission. See minimum agent commission requirements on the Fee Schedule.

Can I Credit a Portion of My Commission to the Buyer/Seller? +

Yes. As long as the minimum agent commission requirements are met and the following are completed:
1. The credit must be disclosed in writing to all parties involved in the transaction
2. Credit/rebate must be done through escrow and stated on the final HUD.
3. All credits are subject to lender approval.

How many AOR/MLS Boards Memberships Do You Have? +

Yes. As long as your marketing materials have our trademark logo and your DRE license number (and your NMLS number if applicable), you are free to purchase them from wherever you choose. If your marketing material contains more than basic contact information, Broker’s approval is required. Please see these link for more information Business Cards Signs

How Do I Get Broker Support? +

Broker assistance is provided through our website, via e-mail at, or by phone 760-722-3222. We also have a broker hotline number found in your agent tools for after-hour assistance for issues that cannot wait until the next business day.

How Do I Know What's Required For My Transaction? +

We have printable checklists available here: Agent Checklist and you will also have access to an online checklist when you create your file in our system.
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